RUMOR: Korean Zombie To Make Cameo In Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere


Chan Sung Jung, more commonly known as The Korean Zombie, is living up to his name. We’ve heard a rumor that he’ll be making an appearance in the season premiere of The Walking Dead, which returns this February on AMC. The Walking Dead doesn’t really need an introduction, it’s one of the most talked-about shows on TV returning for it’s much-anticipated 5th season on the air. Jung’s role in the show is unknown, but we’re told it’s just a tiny cameo, or maybe just an appearance in the background. In either case, it’s pretty cool news!

The Korean Zombie isn’t the first fighter to take to the stage, Ronda Rousey made headlines by taking two movie roles last summer in order to make her fight against Tate more of a challenge, and Lyoto is set to star in a remake of the Karate Kid, among many other fighters who have taken to the silver screen.